What are you doing about COVID-19?

We are committed to regular cleaning and sanitation (kids are germ factories after all!), pandemic or not! We use a combination of disinfectant, steam, and UV light to sanitize every single surface and toy in our facility regularly. In fact, we grab toys from the floor to sanitize them so often that all our “regulars” like to help us by bringing them to us in exchange for stickers!

What ages will this be for?

We allow kids ages 0-12. Although most areas are more entertaining to the “Under 9” crowd, older siblings will still be able to find something that engages their minds and bodies. We also have a special play area for those under 2 to enjoy.

How will this benefit other members of the community?

We have great fundraising opportunities, allow facility rentals, and we are even partnering with the Hamilton County Health Department to provide free community resources and events.

Will the playground be clean?

Yes!! As a mom I know how important it is to keep a place like this as germ-free as possible. Our playground will have an anti-microbial coating that gets reapplied quarterly. We will also have hand sanitizer stations and employees wiping down and spraying surfaces regularly.

Is this facility going to be sensory friendly?

We are working with members of the community on ways to best serve these kids and families. We hope to eventually utilize one of the party rooms as a sensory-friendly room on weekdays; this will include dimmed lighting, white noise, comfy seating, etc. If you have a child that is sensitive to noise, please contact us about our least busy days/times so we can help you have an enjoyable experience.

Do adults have to pay admission or buy memberships?

Nope. Since this is mostly a place for kids, only the kids have to pay to play. Each child needs an adult with them their first time to sign them in and be sure their waivers are up to date. After that, adults are free to follow their children into the play area, or simply watch from the parent seating area.

Do you sell food?

We sell small seasonal treats like themed chocolate pops, decorated marshmallows, and chocolate covered pretzels from our friends at My Choice Chocolates.

Do you have diaper change areas?

Yes! We designed our bathrooms with built-in comfy changing tables. None of those fold down tables hidden in a stall. Check them out!!! No reason to change your baby on a couch or on the floor!

Can I bring food and snacks?

Please do! Bring your lunch, stop for a snack, and don’t forget to hydrate. We only ask that the food stays out of the playground area. Our ONE EXCEPTION is birthday cake and treats. All birthday parties need to happen in party rooms, not taking over our seating area!