First Week

July 22, 2021

Thank you for an awesome first week!

I am so overwhelmed by the number of westsiders that showed up to our opening week. I even saw some of you multiple times in the first few days. I have heard over and over how much this was needed on this side of town, and obviously I agree! I appreciate every nice word, review, and phone call I’ve received from you. It means a lot to me that my little idea 2 years in the making is already bringing so many smiles to kids’ faces.

I love the westside and the unique community we’ve built here. My favorite part of this past week has been all the “accidental” reunions I’ve seen. Mom friends running into each other and saying “OMG! I haven’t seen you in forever!” or kids running to their friends for big hugs when they didn’t even expect to see them. This was my dream for Happy Hangout; a place that felt like a community, where you could run into neighbors, friends, and classmates.

Parents, I see you, I am you, and I made this place just for you. Yes, it’s for the kids, but if parents don’t like to be here, too, the kids won’t keep coming back either. I love seeing people at our counter top with their laptops out getting work done and occasionally yelling at their kids to “Share!” or “Play nice!”. If I can help just one family balance work and play a bit better, then I have done my job.

Thanks again for an awesome first week. I hope to see all of you back soon. I can’t wait to share your birthdays and holidays with you, and I look forward to watching all these kids I’ve met this week grow up in front of my eyes.

I thank you with my whole heart,